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Connecting you to your Punjabi roots

We, at Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Centre, Brampton, plan out and facilitate religious services for our Sikh community. In a country away from home, our community center will never make you feel out of place. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to Sikh people to stay connected to their roots. Many volunteers have also joined us in our mission. In addition to this, we also run:

  • Akal teaching academy
  • Wrestling classes
  • Gatka classes
  • Santhiya classes
  • Book store
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Bhangra Night

Bhangra night is the most loved event in our Punjabi community. Various young individuals participate and compete for a grand prize. Our DJ for the night plays some popular Punjabi tunes and everyone dances throughout the night. 

Punjabi Cultural Fair

We create a learning and fun atmosphere for the Punjabi-Sikh community with stalls showcasing Punjabi art, culture, jewelry, and our cultural folk dance. We keep the visitors entertained and engaged throughout the fair. 

Punjabi Food Festival

Explore the delicious and diverse cuisine of Punjab in our Punjabi Food Festival. Indulge in traditional dishes like butter chicken, sarson da saag, makki di roti, and Punjabi sweets like jalebi and gulab jamun.

Spreading spirituality across the Sikh community

A Gurudwara Sahib refers to the “doorway to the guru”. Our Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Centre organizes events and manages the academy to keep that spirituality alive among the Sikh community. 

Our members and volunteers work with dignity and harmony to provide services to every individual who comes to our door.


Fostering empathy and understanding towards all members of the community.


Committing to selfless acts of kindness and assistance to those in need.


Honoring the dignity and autonomy of every individual within the community.


Cultivating a deep commitment to spiritual growth and practice.

Our Sikh culture teaches us to be kind, selfless, and respectful, and to help those in need.

Every donation counts!

Your donation will help us to serve better to our community in the form of our services.

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Our Community Events

We organize various kinds of community events from time to time to bring our community together and celebrate. Come and join us in our celebrations.